Excellence In Customer Support

As soon as you are signed up, our team of people will assist you to start using the system.
You may use:

  • Content that are already available to you
  • We can help create content for a small fee starting from $20.00
  • We can put in touch with our partners who can assist with creating fantastic contents
  • Direct you to material that can teach you how to create content yourself
  • Friendly support staff and business partners
The system will be configured for use from the first day of your billing date. We will also provide short training on how to set up the and schedule your broadcasts:
This will include:

  • How to manage your uploads to the system on a regular basis
  • How to group your messages to the screens depending on:
    • Groups of messages
    • When you want to play them
    • Which screens you want to play them on
  • Who can load the files
  • Administrator’s Work process for publishing the files
Our software installation is cloud based and pre-configured for your needs.

We provide you with clear instructions for installing our Media Player

We can also assist you with Hardware selection and installation as required. We have identified suitable suppliers who can deliver commercially available screens as well as custom install to match you corporate environments.

We provide:

  • Phone support 7 days a week from 6 AM to 6 PM – AEST
  • After hours call back next morning before 10 AM.
  • Email support within 24 hours turn-around.

Coming soon:

  • Training videos on how to install the systems
  • How to create and manage content in the system,
  • Frequently asked questions and recommendations to resolve those issues
  • We will be looking to expand support to 24/7 if there would be a need for it.

Use existing content

AskA's content management software ensures your content looks great on all screen sizes.

Perfect For All Screen Sizes

No matter the content you bring in, your screen will look fantastic.

Help create content that Stand Out

We have identified business partners who can help your content stand out to your viewers!

We can help develop video clips and digital brochures

We produce high quality advertisements at affordable rates

Provide Training

Our Software offers incredible elements schedule and synchronise your messages to your audience using screen presence.

Build Something Beautiful

You can also use this software to build your community. Just drop us note to find out how.

Fully Managed Solution

AskA offers color options for every element you see, take control of your colors.

We provide end to end solution

We included one stop comprehensive digital signage solution

AskA’s Other Services

We also provide management consulting services aimed at improving business performances in terms of profitability, customer service and quality. More details available at our group website.